March 11, 2014

Arabs Forcing Final confrontation?

( reprint - still current )

Arabs in Israel rioted at the Temple Mount recently and have stoned and fire bombed cars in various areas of Israel and the general unrest of the Arabs seems to be increasing.

If you live Jaffa or Tel Aviv...this makes the news. But In the diaspora all over the world it does not. If it appears on the news the Arabs were somehow "provoked".

The Israeli Arabs continue to have the upper hand with illegal Arab housing construction in the thousands+, while the Jews are criticized for anything.

There is a point where the general population of Israel will be unable to live the way they are forced and will take action. The question is, will the Government do it first?

Bibi comes to the White house and is snubbed by BHO. Perhaps that will harden Bibi's heart and make him turn to the right...but it probably won't... The US demonstrated the isolation that is beginning to settle in on Israel.

Hmmm, that is the way it is supposed to play out...right.


Have faith in HaShem and all will be fine!

Have a great Purim and understand that this is a history that was prescient.


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