March 8, 2014

Israeli History that is prescient

Arab / Muslim / Nazi's in Israel will riot at the Temple Mount when the control is returned to Israel.  they will attempt to stone and fire bomb cars in various areas of Israel like they do now. The "rage" of the Arab / Muslim / Nazi's will increase.

If you live Jaffa or Tel Aviv...this makes the news. But In the diaspora all over the world it does not. When (if) it appears on the news the Arab / Muslim / Nazi's were of course - "provoked".

The next step is to destroy all Arab / Muslim / Nazi's illegal housing construction.
These actions will force the Arab / Muslim / Nazi's hand. they will actually have to respond instead of provoking.

Otherwise if these actions do not occur...there will be a tipping point...where the signs in Israel warning them to not go into certain parts of Eretz Israel will force the Jewish population of Israel to realize they will be unable to live this way! Jews will then ne forced to take action.

So, will Bibi do this first? Will he force the TM issue to be resolved?
then the illegal construction?

Bibi came to the White house last time and was snubbed by BHO. Perhaps that harden Bibi's heart and make him turn to the right.

This last visit to the POTUS by Bibi, he at least made it clear Israel will take care of herself and really does not need to US...thank you very much.



Have faith in HaShem and all will be fine!

Have a great Pesach and understand that this is a history that was prescient.


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