March 14, 2014

A Silly Dream For Israel - Prof Eidelberg

Now that Israel has effectively lost the support of the United States—indeed, now that the President of the United States has become Israel’s enemy—I suggest that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu seek a new and even more powerful ally, namely G-d—a word he failed to utter in his Remembrance Day speech to the nation.

What?  Am I suggesting that Bibi become an observant Jew?  Ponder the consequences if he did.  He would then have the God of Israel—the only real God—to counter the fictitious deity of Islam.  Now he would have the wherewithal to deal with the fabricated Muslim in the White House.  Now, more than any other prime minister, he would be in the position to unite and strengthen the people of Israel.  Now he would galvanize more than 50 million Evangelical Christians to Israel’s cause.  Now he would put fear into the hearts of Israel’s Islamic enemies.

        Please: spare me the objection that he would be deemed a hypocrite. Instead, think of how the leaders of foreign nations would have to treat a religious prime minister of Israel.  Yes, you can raise all sorts of objections—you don’t have to be rocket scientist for this purpose.  Imagine the reaction of Israel’s religious parties and factions.  Wonderful!  Imagine how that astute political analyst Caroline Glick would react!  Perhaps she too would become observant and even serve as Israel’s ambassador to the United States! 

        Now imagine the “reinvented” Bibi on an American lecture tour.  Boos and cat calls?  So what?  Contrast how Obama won over America with the empty slogan: “Yes We Can.”   Bibi has a mind, he’s an orator.  Obama is an ignoramus—speechless without a teleprompter

        Finally, think of the tremendous increase in aliyah—of Jewish immigration to Israel.  Think of the “brain drain” occurring in America and elsewhere.

        But of course, this is only a silly dream. 

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