March 14, 2014

Obama's Nuclear Policy - Prof Paul Eidelberg

Concerning Obama’s announced policy not to use nuclear weapons against any non-nuclear armed state:
1)      Isn’t this an invitation for non-nuclear armed states to attack the US?
2)      Doesn’t this policy undermine Israel, whose concentration of people on the country’s coastal plain make it extremely vulnerable to conventional bombardment?
3)      Doesn’t this policy encourage state-sponsored terrorists?
4)      Is this policy intended to persuade Iran (as well as other Arab states) not to go nuclear?
5)      Did Brzezinski have anything to do with this policy?
6)      Is this policy merely a logical spin-off of Obama’s campaign oratory?
7)      Does this policy increase the potential role of the UN?
8)      Are there any serious arms experts or organizations or congressmen that have voiced criticism of this policy?

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