March 5, 2014

(John) Kerry's Folly - Or Kerry Chamberlain

We all know what Putin is and apparently Palin & Romney did too.
But the current POTUS did and does not.

This is what is like when the US Foreign Policy leader is Feckless.
It is like the rudder on a powerful boat, broke...not suddenly...
And not the boat is pushing ahead in all directions...
But mostly still towards the ME, cause the POTUS thinks he can "strong-arm" Bibi 
and save his legacy that reeks of absolute failure....

So what is the US to do?
O'Reilly said shut down the Russian Banks and others have said they will shut down the oil flow and the price of gas will skyrocket, others have said that many people will be financially affected.

Putin launches and ICBM, hmmm 

Bibi reminds the World and especially the US that the Persians are building ICBMs...

Why? because they will reach the US, so that does put the US in play...

So Kerry is sent over to offer a Billion to the awful Ukraine's, children and grand children of murders and Nazi's. So the US thinks that the dog in this fight ...the new people in power...the neo-nazi's etc are worthy of the pristine support the US offers - $$$$

While the ousted leaders were Putins boys and that is why he is there....

I am sure that the POTUS is out playing 18 , like usual ...cause he has his and he must not care beyond that. Because he has zero idea what to excpet to send K Chamberlain over to appease, appease, appease. 

Now Putin will see success and after this settles down as he tries to put the USSR back together, he will strike in a new place.

You have to wonder if this Ukraine conflict was not a false flag operation.

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