March 9, 2014

The Only World Leader Who Fears American Power Is Obama


President Obama was caught by a live microphone in March 2012 telling President Dmitri Medvedev of Russia he would have “more flexibility” on Russian issues after the election. He continued, “this is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” Who could have imagined that Obama’s “flexibility” meant America being spanked all over the world, twisting, turning and as flexible as a piƱata getting hit every which way spinning with no direction? That is foreign policy in the Obama era.
Putin continues to outmaneuver Obama in the area of foreign policy — including sheltering spy Edward Snowden, protecting Syria, and ensuring Iran will not give up their nuclear capabilities. America continues to be weaker in the world.  Did flexibility mean getting run over when Obama told Russia he would have more flexibility? 

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