March 5, 2014

World Break Down - Country by Country....Almost

First Syria...Yes...Remember Syria and Assad

So, is Assad ...sort of winning? He is alive and still in charge etc...

The noise from Syria has been muffled here.....
Bigger fish to not fry for the POTUS.

As usual, the ME know all of the other little Arabs are so self centered, they
will never help another Arab unless it profits them. So much Camel dung.

It sometimes feels like a bad movie...

Break down the World:

Canada - Freedom, Beer & Hockey - Good Side
US - Freedom, Baseball, Football, Basketball and a Feckless POTUS - Good Side
Mexico - Drugs, Drugs, Drugs - Not So Good Side
Cuba - Castro's last gasps until they possibly return to - Good Side
Central America - Drug Trail to small to matter
South America - No military - no problem.
Eurabia - No Cohones, Soon all Muslims
Middle East - Israel Good guys, the rest - BAD
Africa - No military to speak of, no human rights either
India & Pakistan - Hate each other - Neutralized....
Nam, Thailand, Myanmar - Political Whores...will do anything for money..anything - Woof Woof
Australia - Not sure no military, to far from anywhere anyway...
China - Exporting their waste world wide, people don't matter here, unless they belong to the party
Mongolia - Grass, Steers and poverty
Russia - Putin and the KGB of the 21st Century. Evil and Ruthless..stole a SB ring for goodness sake
FSU - Bunch of stans hiding nukes and hatred for Putin and Russia.

H#llholes - Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Most of Africa, All Muslim or Arab Dominated Tribal Lands, Detroit, I could go on....

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