December 1, 2008

Will Jonathan Pollard be Pardoned?

Will Jonathan Pollard be pardoned?

I strongly doubt it, and I'll tell you why. My son is at George Washington U in Washington DC and is planning to go on to Law school and has already interned for a Lawyer that only handles Federal Cases.

I spoke with him about Jonathan Pollard and he stated that I don't understand why he is still is in prison. I clearly gave him the argument of sentencing and comparable sentences etc.

The sentencing has nothing to do with it.

He said the comparable sentencing for similar offenses have nothing to do with it.

In a building with multiple Federal "Trial" Lawyers where he interned, whenever they would hear that a client made a deal, a plea bargain and then in some significant way broke the agreement...they would throw their hands in the air and say it is over. The client is finished. The Federal Court system acts without emotion.

The Federal Government routinely enforces the maximum available in all these circumstances. Whether a drug case, murder or espionage. They never vary, he said never...not for illness etc.

So the real reason that Jonathan will probably not get out is that.

Now of course if Jews can made their demand to have him released public and make a large issue of it to try to embarrass the US, there remains some hope. But he feels there would have to public pressure, not private pressure. Public mass demonstrations ...100,000 Jews across from the White House etc.
President Bush could pardon him. What is W's incentive as he leaves office?
To right a wrong? I don't think so. Only if his legacy has a benefit.

So basically the case details are irrelevant, Jonathan has certainly served enough for the actual penalty itself. It remains the breaking of the plea bargain that keeps hims in Prison. That continues to be problematic!

All the Best.


  1. Federal court system, pissed off because of the aforementioned plea business = judicial branch.

    President, who has the power to pardon = executive branch.

  2. You American Jews are really pitiful. This kind of case, where such a massive injustice has taken place and the court system's unwillingness or inability to rectify it, is precisely the reason that the Constitution grants your President unlimited powers of clemency.If American Jews would stop making excuses and start acting on behalf of Jonthan Pollard to ensure the principle of equal justice for all that is supposed to be the right of every American citizen, Mr. Bush will get the message, and with G-d's help, do the right thing. Up off of your knees, dudes!

  3. If more people would publicize this injustice Pollard would have been freed. The normal sentence is 2-4 years for passing classified information. He was never accused or tried for treason. However, most people are uneducated about this case and unfortunately believe Pollard committed treason.

  4. Gentiles don't care and see him as a horrible spy...