December 9, 2008

Manhigut Yehudit's Plan

The Plan

Our plan is clear. Israel needs a Prime Minister that will lead Israel based on authentic Jewish values and concepts. Our candidate for the job is Manhigut Yehudit's leader, Moshe Feiglin.
To accomplish our goal, we plan to take over the leadership of the Likud -- the only party in Israel that is a microcosm of Israeli society.

The Likud is the political home of the Jewish majority. This is the majority of Israelis that is linked to its Jewish identity and thirsts for Jewish values and leadership that will guide it to its true Jewish national aims. Last year's referendum of Likud members on the disengagement issue proved that rank and file Likud members are overwhelmingly loyal to their Jewish identity and homeland (61% voted against Sharon's disengagement plan). Manhigut Yehudit believes in the tremendous potential for belief-based leadership in the Likud -- the springboard to belief-based leadership for all of Israel.

Even when the Likud is in the opposition, it still retains its solid base of voters who see themselves first as Jews and only afterwards as Israelis. Whoever heads the Likud is perfectly positioned to become the Prime Minister of Israel.

Our goal is to restore the Likud to its original devotion to Jewish ideals and values. To achieve this goal we urge our members -- all ideologically motivated -- to join the Likud. This group of ideologically motivated people -- whose aims are more important to them than political perks -- can be the driving force behind a belief-based revolution in Israel. An examination of the history of other democratic countries in which important public changes have taken place reveals that this plan has already worked elsewhere: a closely-knit group of devoted people produced the Rightist revolutions in the US and Britain in the Eighties, bringing in their wake the other members of the parties in which they acted.

This is not a get-leadership-quick scheme. It requires perseverance, patience for slow but steady progress, the wisdom to understand the undercurrents in Israeli society, and the political acumen to identify opportunities to advance.

Manhigut Yehudit could have chosen the simpler path of starting or joining a Right wing party. But we firmly believe that Jewish leadership is not a sectoral issue. The entire nation needs Jewish leadership, and we are confident that -- when exposed to the idea -- Jews of all sectors will overwhelmingly support it.


  1. we need more information about the future of manhigut yehudit hasbara on this playing field what is a knesset member do? and how will the chevre from likud response to these withering media attacks im not used to it its withering

  2. Knesset members are like US members of Congress voting on bills for law etc.

    Bibi is a little more than concerned about Feiglin and seems very defensive now.

    If the population gently decides they can vote Feiglin and have the votes count, I believe he will be PM.
    It is just a matter of time, so the question we have enough?