December 12, 2008

Why Doesn't Moshe Feiglin Appeal the Likud Decision in Court?

Dear and Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

I am writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are still too close to the momentous events of the last few days to fully analyze them. But we already know that something extraordinary happened on Election Night.

They are trying so hard to prevent the Jews from taking their fate into their own hands. They are so afraid that we will emerge from our Religious Zionist or settler shtetls. But suddenly, the Jewish majority has burst onto the scene.

"We'll stop them with this trick or that shtick," they proclaim. Feiglin - maligned on this TV station and demonized on that - has nevertheless opened the Likud to the entire Jewish majority, which can now enter the arena and take its fate into its own hands.

Something big is happening here - something historic. The wholesale panic of the leftist, secular elite is proof of that. The current leaders of the Likud are ideologically unequipped to deal with the mudslinging. They quake in fear. That is understandable and we don't have to feel anger towards them. They wallow in the mud that the Left hurls at them, obsequiously denying that they have anything to do with Feiglin. "We are against Feiglin!" they quiver. "He is not the
Likud!" they quake.

The people, though, do not seem to agree. Today's Ha'aretz newspaper declares: Despite Netanyahu's Fears, Latest Poll Shows Likud Gaining Strength. Just think how many Knesset seats the Likud would get if its leader would not work against me!

In short, dear friends, I want you to know that I love and appreciate you. I know how hard you worked to achieve this wonderful success. But this is just the beginning. We have broken through the iron curtain that has separated the state from the Jewish majority. We have opened the way for the Jewish majority to return en masse to the ruling party and to make sure that Israel's leaders will remain loyal to the values of the people who elected them.

It is very simple. Those who register for the Likud save the Land of Israel, the Nation of Israel and - yes - the Torah of Israel. We need the self sacrifice that you displayed on Election Day on a daily basis! What we need to do now is to REGISTER as many people as possible for the Likud.

In the USA -

This is a sha'at ratzon, a time when people's hearts are open to hear what we have to say. Later may be too late.
In Admiration,
Moshe Feiglin

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