December 23, 2008

Where is the Jewish Community?

In Upstate NY, the Jewish population is scattered about.
Where is the Jewish community? Is it centered in the Synagogue?
Is it centered in the home?

People come to Synagogue for Shabbat on Friday nights.
Other people celebrate Shabbat at home.
Where is the community? If you celebrate Shabbat at home and invite friends are you fragmenting the Community? Or are you strengthening it into blocs?

Does Shabbat have to be in Synagogue to maintain Jewish Community?

Has assimilation curtailed Shabbat Observance or has Jews curtailing Shabbat Observance enabled Assimilation? Both!!

How do we make Shabbat a bigger celebration? Do we have to incorporate other activities? yes... any ideas?

How do we strengthen our bonds and make our Community cohesive and unbreakable?
It has to be Observance that outweighs Friday Night Soccer and Gentile activities!

Should the Synagogue be promoting Aliyah? Of course....

but if you say no, why not?

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