December 9, 2008

What is a Jew?

The distinguishing element of a Jew is the soul that every Jew possesses. It differs from the soul of a non-Jew, and has different characteristics, potentials and needs. Inherited matrilinealy, the Jewish soul is the common denominator that connects the Russian Jew with the Yemenite, Persian, American or Israeli Jew, even though they do not speak the same language and may have different customs and habits. The only meaningful difference between one Jew and another is the level and intensity of expression of this common essence. In some, this essence manifests itself constantly, while in others, it expresses itself only occasionally or even once in a lifetime.

A Jew loves...

A Jew loves every Jew, because he is a Jew -- without any differences of opinion, party, community or standing. Love of the Jewish nation is the love of the entire nation: the similar and the different -- the near and the far -- the average and the exceptional -- love of Jews who outwardly serve G-d and love of Jews who do not -- love of the Right and love of the Left.

A Jew loves the Land of Israel, the true home given by G-d to all Jews.

A Jew loves G-d and in the depths of his soul, wants to be connected to Him and His Will in all that he does.

A Jew loves the entire world -- all of G-d's creations. He believes that the Jewish Nation -- G-d's children -- were created for the special purpose of opening the world's eyes to Divine consciousness and spreading the light of G-d's loving-kindness to every corner of the earth,

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