December 13, 2008

Feiglin to Supporters: I Will Not Crawl before Supreme Court

by Gil Ronen

( Moshe Feiglin, who heads the 'Jewish Leadership' faction in Likud, penned a message to his supporters Friday explaining why he has opted not to contest the Likud court's decision to demote him to the 36th slot in its Knesset list despite the fact that he was originally placed 20th. Feiglin hypothesized that Hashem had set up this 'test' for him and his supporters in order to eventually make it possible for them to lead the country sooner than anyone expected."At first glance it seems crazy," he wrote, and explained that his legal case against the decision to bump him from the 20th slot would have been a rock-solid one. "All of the lawyers from both Right and Left were united in the opinion that one could not lose this motion," Feiglin added.

However, he explained, "we all feel that something bigger is going on here, something much much bigger than just a bid for the Knesset."

'It's bigger than us'
"It's bigger than me, bigger than Bibi, bigger than the Likud. What is being decided here is not whether Feiglin will be in the Knesset or how many Knesset seats the Likud will get. What is being decided is the question – will the State of Israel return to the hands of the People of Israel, or will it remain a captive of the invisible dictator who will cause it to crumble and bring it to an end," the candidate wrote.

"If I declared war on that hidden dictator and then, in a moment of truth, crawled to it and entered the Knesset through its help, then all of my talk would have been empty words," Feiglin explained. He has often used the term 'invisible dictator' with regard to the High Court and other elites which he says are Israel's behind-the-scenes despots.

"In order to lead the necessary revolution I must be elected only through your votes," he went on. "I cannot lead this revolution when the chains of this evil dictatorship are upon my neck."

'Exceeding imagination'
Feiglin predicted that soon after Netanyahu forms a government, "a great crisis" will occur and there will again be a contest for the leadership of the Likud. "Already, the popular support I am receiving is exceeding all imagination," he added. "The Creator of the World has brought us to a situation in which we constantly win, and this victory will only get bigger."

Feiglin told his supporters that Netanyahu is "a passing phenomenon" and called on them to "vote Likud, and vote me and my colleagues into the Knesset, so that with the grace of Hashem we will have a real Likud!".

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