December 12, 2008

The Tyranny Behind The Democratic Facade

By Moshe Feiglin -
December 10, 2008

If a Martian would land in Israel and see men dressed in black uniforms sneaking up on the home of a sleeping family in the middle of the night - breaking into the home, beating the parents and throwing them out into the cold night in their pajamas - what would he think? If he would see the black-uniformed men bringing bulldozers and tractors and destroying the house - with all the family's possessions still inside - and destroying the goat pen with the goats inside, where would he think he had landed?

Our Martian sees the shocked family, standing near the ruins of their home. They are not acting very nicely. They are even cursing the black-uniformed men that destroyed their home. Not nice, unpleasant to hear. But with the backdrop of the destruction, it is understandable.

At this point, the already strange scenario takes an unexpected twist. The media and public opinion spinners focus their cameras, microphones and public interest on the curses and not on what evoked them. Everybody shakes their heads in disgust at the children driven from their home and at the parents who built it with love and devotion. Nobody remembers that human beings are supposed to have elementary human rights. Would these warriors of home-destruction etiquette say the same thing about a woman who curses the man who is attacking her? Would they ignore the attack and focus on her less than complimentary description of her attacker?

If our Martian has a bit of human intelligence, he will understand that he has landed in a society that has a tyrannical predisposition - yet cultivates a facade of democracy. There is no law and certainly no equality here - and a complete lack of elementary human rights. A society that is brainwashed to believe that a particular sector does not have the basic human rights afforded to all other citizens is anything but a democracy.

The naive Jews who paid a huge sum of money to buy a building in Hebron in the most legal of procedures thought that the law would uphold their purchase. They didn't understand that the sector to which they belong was stripped of its basic human rights long ago. Their property rights turned to dust in Gush Katif. Now they have also been stripped of their right to protest.

Whoever sits in his home in Petach-Tikva or Rishon Lezion and thinks that this "democratic" totalitarianism is the problem of the settlers alone does not understand what is transpiring. Elections are just around the corner. You can certainly choose between candidates - but not between ideas. The one and only national agenda is dictated by the tyranny. And every candidate had better understand that.

Our Martian has reentered his spaceship to continue his search for a free country elsewhere. But we don't have that privilege. We must free the State of Israel from the clutches of the tyranny.

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