December 28, 2008


So why has operation Cast Lead begun?
Is this but a ploy by Olmert to retain power.
Or is this Barak trying to help his cause?
Nothing that Israel has done militarily has made sense for years now.
All of these actions...Lebanon, Gaza and whatever are stalls.

The only action that will make sense is to retake Gaza and expel the Arabs.
Expel the Arabs from Judea and Samria and then to annex all three of these ancient Jewish lands.

What possible alternative is there?
The Arabs of the Middle East from each Country that are divided like the US Midwest.
The Arabs are all the same family and the "refugees" they have perpetrated to use as a battering ram against Israel are just members of the same family.
There is no, has never beeen and will never be a Palestine. It does not even refer to any exisitng geographical locations etc...

The Arabs have sworn to drive Israel to the Sea etc, they only want Jews dead.
The children are brainwashed and have already been destroyed. Hashem must look and see the prophecy he has projected.

How many kids will we lose this time in Gaza and for waht? Will they take it...
Who can believe what the politicians say, even the Military heads are their pocket.

Moshe Feiglin for Prime Minister NOW! For a Jewish State, run by Jewish values and Jewish people.

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