December 5, 2008

Feiglin will Not Surrender the Land of Israel

December 4, 2008

The Jerusalem Post editorial of December 3rd accurately states that Moshe Feiglin will not continue the [suicidal] Land for Peace process that has affected each and every Jewish citizen of Israel.

As a consequence of the policies of the current and previous Israeli governments, virtually every citizen of Israel personally knows and cries for Jewish victims who were murdered by Muslim terrorists and for others who have been maimed for life. More than 12,000 Jews have been murdered or maimed by the process which has at various times been called “The Oslo Accords”, “Land for Peace”, “Reciprocity”, “The Road Map”, “Disengagement”, “Annapolis”, and “Convergence”. Since the Arab enemy has no rights to the Land of Israel, whether legal, moral or historical, these titles are only Orwellian euphemisms which convey one message to the Arabs and that is: terror pays, and it pays good.

In response to seeing Bibi Netanyahu unleashing his entire arsenal of dirty tricks against Moshe Feiglin to try to keep Moshe and his affiliated candidates off the Likud’s Knesset list this coming Monday, those in the non-Likud nationalist camp may very well be saying "I told you so" right now to Feiglin. However, the nationalist camp has not been on the front lines in trying to present a leader to become the Prime Minister of Israel. The only thing that this “right” has accomplished since the Oslo Accords were signed is to negotiate better terms of surrender – they have not tried to achieve victory.

So why is Netanyahu so afraid of Feiglin? What does the Likud charter say and who really represents it? The Likud Charter actually calls for Israel to annex and settle all parts of the Land of Israel, and for Israel to be run in accordance with Jewish Values. Netanyahu’s personal platform does not include these planks. Voters must question Bibi as to why his platform opposes his own party’s Charter, and why he is so desperately trying to bring unapologetic leftists into the Likud and keep out those who support the Charter – namely Moshe Feiglin and his affiliated candidates.

It seems that Netanyahu’s goal is to ingratiate himself with the forces of the extreme left which control Israel’s media, governmental bureaucracy and its “justice” system. Feiglin's platform is one that represents Jewish values, Jewish education, family values, building up and not tearing down the Land of Israel, no concessions to our enemies, and no negotiating of Jewish Land. Moshe Feiglin stands in the way of Netanyahu connecting with these forces of the left.

Moshe Feiglin believes that the average Likud rank-and-file voter believes similarly to the Likud charter. Feiglin sees that these Likudniks have had enough of “Land for Peace”, which has only brought death and destruction to Israel, and that they are yearning for a leader who will cling to their heritage and not run away from it. Feiglin believes that these Likudniks will see through the dirty tricks and put Moshe Feiglin onto the Likud's Knesset list on Monday in a spot from where he will be elected to the Knesset on February 10th.

Bibi Netanyahu is afraid that Moshe Feiglin’s message of Jewish pride and hope – which is in line with the Likud’s own Charter - is becoming more and more mainstream and accepted by Likudniks and Israeli society in general.

Moshe Feiglin has outstretched his hand to Bibi Netanyahu in the hope that the Likud can and will represent what is best for the people of Israel. Unfortunately for us all, Netanyahu has so far refused to outstretch his hand back.

Rob Muchnick, US Director


  1. The New Canaanite NationDecember 5, 2008 at 11:00:00 AM EST

    Your so-called god is the reason for the mass murder of our ancestors, the uprooting of us from our homes, and enough lies about our culture to fill a book (That book, by the way, is known by some to be the Old Testament).

    We are back, and we have this to say...



  2. The children of Ishmael's fate is played out in every horrific attack they perpetrate.

    There is but one G-D and even a follower of Allah acknowledges it is the same G-d.

    So perhaps you should be clearer. What lies? Avenged for what? If you are not a Mohammedan, then what?

    Are you claiming to a "Palestinian" ? That is easy to discredit as no such place has ever exisited no matter how often the pawns of the "22" try to restate it.

    Let's hear some more detail of your plight!