February 17, 2014

Winning the War For Israel - Tom Mountain

A direct line from 1929 Hebron to 2009 Sderot.

The war for Israel began a few decades after the Jews fled the pogroms of Czarist Russia for the Holy Land. That was in 1929, when Arab mobs murdered 67 Jews in Hebron and expelled the rest, thereby extinguishing the Jewish community that had lived there since Biblical times. Ironically, those Jews had little connection to the wave of immigrants that came from Russia and Eastern Europe in the preceding decades, whom the Arabs claimed were taking over "their land."

Those immigrants had transformed the barren landscape of Eretz Israel, building towns and kibbutzim where only desert lay before. As they built the country's infrastructure to support the multitudes to come, Arabs from neighboring lands east of the Jordan River began moving in as well.

While the Jews were content to share the land, the Arabs were not. Thus began their war to murder or expel the Jews. And Hebron was the first target. There would be many more to come. The Arabs were determined that Jewish blood would flow in the Holy Land until either the Jews were expelled or they got tired of fighting and left for parts unknown.

This, in sum, is the crux of the Arab-Israeli conflict. To paraphrase a famous Jewish sage: all the rest is commentary.

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