February 24, 2014

URGENT - Resolution declaring that Israel is the sovereign on the Temple Mount.

Urgent Call to Action! It is imperative that all the nationalist MKs attend this historic Knesset deliberation and vote for the proposed resolution declaring that Israel is the sovereign on the Temple Mount. The MKs are under tremendous pressure not to attend. They need all the support and encouragement they can get. Please send emails (English is fine) to the nationalist MKs. Click here for the list, send your emails to the MKs and get the word out on your social media. Together we will make history!

Tuesday, 25Adar Alef/Feb. 25
12 PM- As part of an ongoing trend to get people to eat healthy food Moshe will participate in a Vegan food tasting ceremony & fair in the Knesset featuring a world class Israeli Chef
3 PM - Will participate in the "Land of Israel Caucus" meeting to discuss key issues re: Yehuda and Shomron
 5 PM-  Here is the meeting of the week: At Moshe's request a full discussion - the first of its kind since 1967 - will take place in the Knesset plenum concerning the de facto transfer of sovereignty on the Temple Mount to the Muslim Wakf (Jordan) and the discrimination against Jews . The media has been covering this quite extensively and Moshe has given dozens of interviews already, with many more scheduled every day! This is a historic vote and one which we MUST WIN!!!

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