February 11, 2014

Where do they not kill Jews?

First of all is there a place in the world where they don't kill the Jews?

Eretz Yisrael, all Jews real homeland.
This is the place where they do not kill the Jews.
This is the place where they do not kill the Jews.

Get it? There no other place! This is the only truth!

The Galut is the Galut and is a temporary "safe haven".

Watch as history repeats itself again and again.

Anti-semitic PARADES in Paris

Trying to outlaw Shechita and Circumcision.

BDS movement to de-ligitamize Israel

John Kerry trying to make Israel commit national suicide...

This war between the Jews and Arab / Nazi / Muslims continues and is as old as history itself.
The war will end when either the Jews or Arabs win. Period.
No negotiated peace is possible in the place where they do not kill the Jews.

Please name an issue that is negotiable with the Arabs....
The only REAL issue is that we exist.

We need a new PM that will not allow or endorse

1) Prisoner releases (exchanges)
2) Rocket attacks without reprisals, disproportionate A-
3) Cease Fires
4) Talk of giving up any land or dividing Jerusalem.
5) Power, Food or Water to the enemy in Gaza.
6) Arabs in the Knesset
7) Blackmailed Coalition Governments
8) Talk of a 2 State solution, final solutions have not been good to us.
9) Seeing a difference between Hamas or Fatah
10) Negotiations with the enemy
11) Israeli police controlling Jews so as to not upset the Arabs.
12) Letting the Muslims control our land - The Temple Mount.
13) Illegal Arab Settlements in Hashems Eretz Yisrael.
14) Hudna's
15) Waiting to develop more "settlements".
16) Jewish Children not being given a Jewish Education!
17) Peace envoys from anywhere.
18) Wall/Security Fence free Gaza...build a Wall Now
19) Patience

20) It is time act, time to right the wrong, time to restore Israel and annex the land and expel the Arab / Muslim / Nazi's...

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