February 13, 2014

The Temple Mount - a Symbol of Israel's Fecklessness?

The Temple Mount - a Symbol of Israel's Fecklessness?

As a whole Israeli's want peace. Some, want acceptance by the rest of the world.

Hopefully most don't care about acceptance, only compliance with HaShem.

Bibi is a politician and his motives are questionable.

Moishe Feiglin is working to take leadership of Israel and the Jewish people to lead them in a biblical direction. Moishe is doing this from within the Likud.

Why are the more religious groups not joining Moishe...or why is Moishe not co-operating with the Nation Union etc? Is this division the reason that Israel is not going in the right direction? I believe it is.

Perhaps a meeting of all of the "Religious" right political parties could come up with a compromise. I guess the problem is that the Orthodox feel they can't compromise...and don't. They feel that things will change when HaShem wants them to and they are sort of standing by to participate as they work towards the Redemption and guaranteeing they are part of it.

So, what to do? Does Feiglin feel that the only people that Manhigut Yehudit should try to convince are the least religious? The group that wants peace at any cost and has no concern for giving away parts of Israel. What benefit can he offer?

Would a movement to regain control of the Temple Mount provide a unifying factor for the general population? What percentage of Israeli citizens care?

If a group that advocated regaining control of the Temple Mount...started a petition and went door to door...  Would 1 Million signatures mean anything?

What will it take?


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