February 20, 2014

What is wrong with Thomas L Friedman?

Friedman has written many pieces over the years and I have always understood he was simply a lefty that cared more about peace at any cost then anything...even if the cost was the end of Israel...

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"I’ve written a series of columns from Israel in the past two weeks because I believe that if Secretary of State John Kerry brings his peace mission to a head and presents the parties with a clear framework for an agreement, Israel and the Jewish people will face one of the most critical choices in their history. And when they do, all hell could break loose in Israel. It is important to understand why."


Unfortunately, his premises are usually flawed. The concept that Kerry's US "plan" has a clear framework for an agreement is hysterical, just ludicrous. 
there is no representative of the Arab / Muslim / Nazi's to even talk to. And if there was...they would all say the same thing: "Death To Israel" ...no exceptions.


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"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, not without reason, is asking the Palestinians to recognize Israel as the “nation state of the Jewish people,” confirming that if Israel cedes them a state in the West Bank, there will be two-states-for-two-peoples"

Friedman writes about the new final solution, the 2 State solution.
His ignorance of the Arab / Muslim / Nazi's is astonishing.
If he talks to 17 reasonable Arab / Muslim / Nazi's and all of a sudden they are the average and not the exception....that is statistical sheer ignorance. 


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"If Kerry’s mission fails — because either Israelis or Palestinians or both balk — he will either be tacitly or explicitly declaring that this two-state solution is no longer a viable option and “that would plunge Israel into a totally different paradigm,” said Grinstein, who recently authored the book “Flexigidity: The Secret of Jewish Adaptability.” 

Please G-d, Kerry has to fail and then perhaps we can move on from this awful, suicidal post Oslo...two state solution. 


"It would force Israel onto one of three bad paths: either a unilateral withdrawal from parts of the West Bank or annexation and granting the Palestinians there citizenship, making Israel a binational state. Or failing to do either, Israel by default could become some kind of apartheid-like state in permanent control over the 2.5 million Palestinians. There are no other options."

 There is only ONE answer...

Annex, Annex, Annex!

It is inevitable...

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"Furthermore, being the “nation state of the Jewish people,” means that the values of Israel cannot be sharply divergent from the values of the Jewish diaspora (the vast majority of American Jews vote liberal) or from the values of America — Israel’s only true ally. Added Grinstein: “If that happens, the relationship between Israel and America and American Jewry will inevitably become polarized.” 

The Values of the diaspora are meaningless other then the Orthodox community that most closely represents Torah ...





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