February 19, 2014

J Street =

If Rabbi Meir Kahane were still alive, I would easily, be an avid supporter.

If his movement were alive....

Rabbi Kahane defended Jews and advocated expelling the Arabs.

As a Jew, I have a portion in Israel whether I live there or not.

As a group of secular and intermarried Jews, I question J Streets interest. I am only left to assume they are driven either by Arab Oil money or guilt.

If J Street had no answer in the ME and decided that peace at any cost is what they want, why don't they get the Arabs to capitulate? Why are they against the Jews and Israel?

We all know, all of the arguments..pro or con.

What possible justification can J Street have for not taking a Pro Israel position and simply becoming being "pro peace"?  They are the enemy in so many ways. Sounds like Peace now to me.

All they want now is a 2 State solution. Sounds like the final solution!

When will this group and the people they represent stand up and defend Israel as their heritage and portion?  Or at least just get out of the way and stop embarrassing the rest of us? Perhaps they have simply forsaken her?

With faith in Hashem I am confident that J Street will be left on the trash heap of history.



 "The so-called pro-Israel organization is bursting with scandals about the identity of its contributors, its decision-making process, its conflicting policies on Iran sanctions, its ties to pro-Iranian and Arab American organizations and more. But many reporters have been reluctant to shine a spotlight on it, fearful of running afoul of the White House, for whom J Street proudly serves as President Barack Obama’s “blocking back.”

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