June 19, 2011

Thomas Friedman - Wrong, Wrong Wrong.....

NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman is a good writer and talented. He is of course misguided. He suffers from the same mistaken leftist ideal that believes the Arabs can be negotiated with.

In his latest column, he advocates for the return to UN Resolution 181 and wants to update it to using 1967 borders...with a minor land exchanges to fix a final border and create the Final solution with a terror state alongside Israel.

Mr. Friedman simply does not understand that all the reasons that the Arabs give are simply BS.
He is wrong, wrong, wrong. If we did what he said they would continue to try to drive us to the Sea. He does not understand the Arab. He is wrong, wrong, wrong. 

If he were right then it would mean there would have been peace in the region when they had the pogrom of 1929, when they attacked after Israel declared statehood....1956 etc....
This all happened when the borders were what he wants ...He is wrong, wrong, wrong!

Very foolish and the usual Leftist idea that we have to try something.

Israel has the land, weapons and ability to destroy Hamas, Hezbollah and the displaced Jordanians whenever they want.

Israel needs to set surrender terms for the Hamas, Hezbollah and the displaced Jordanians.

Otherwise it is time to go on the Offensive, all out, no advance warnings, spare nothing and nobody! Win the war and end them.

Game over


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