June 2, 2011

Anti-Semitism in Eurabia.....

I am afraid to surmise that Europe is finished. The lack of action and continued immigration of the Muslims into Europe is starting to over-whelm the Police etc. I am not sure that we won't see another unified act of Political Insubordination or praying in all of the major cities streets to point out that all is lost and Sharia law is but a foregone conclusion and ending to Europe.

I would expect to see the mass Aliyah from Eurabia starting to increase. I am not sure if Israel is prepared or expects this new large Aliyah. I have no doubt they will be pleased to see it.

After Europe is conquered and the ME is at least stalemated for now...it will be time to either finish off Sout America or to start the conversion in the US. This will also be welcomed by the Muslim POTUS.

Get those Passports ready fellow Galutim and work on your Iv-reet!!!


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