June 23, 2011

Israel's Mistakes & Vascillation...

1) By not destroying the enemy, they have created an arms race that the Arab/Muslim/Nazi's have pursued.
2) By not destroying the enemy, they have allowed Arab/Muslim/Nazi's to cement their "coalition".
3) Not understanding the combination of legitimate Arab/Muslim/Nazi fear of Israel's miltary and the Arab/Muslim/Nazi's leaders rabble rousing to terrify their people and make them hate.
4) By not completing the recent wars, they have let the enemy become enboldened.
5) All of the above actions are negatively affecting the IDF and the citizens. They feel the feckless actions of their leaders are taking them down a path of weakness and possibly inevitable destruction. By simply not negotiating a so called peace or not going in an taking Gaza and the annexing the 67 conquests....they hurt the public by their indecision.
6) Israel gave up the entire Sinai...probably could have kept some for military reasons. The Israel haters kept hating and the so called moderates understood reality and would have agreed to a peace anyway...
7) Israeli wavering damages her image before the world opinion. Foreigners know very little about the history or subtleties of the Jewish-Arab conflict. Israeli indecisiveness proves to them that she is wrong, that even she doubts her policies.
8) All compromises that Israel makes only spurs the enemy to ask for more.
9) What is the point of settlements in the occupied areas? They were introduced on the assumption that
no Israeli government would abandon so much investment. New settlements on the West Bank. They will not
anchor the occupied territories for Israel but rather make the territorial question worse, as previously useless land becomes investment property. Strange how progress on the territories makes the land valuable?
Settlements, in need of defense, will become liabilities in a major conflict. Take GAZA, Jdea and Samaria by military means and be done with it.
10) If Israel abrogates her biblical claim, refuses to use force, and acquiesces in the establishment of a
Palestinian state, what’s to keep the Palestinians from driving Jewish settlers out? In other words, most people object to the settlements because they undermine the 1948 U.N. territorial mandate. I object to them because they are ineffective and provocative and strengthen support for the U.N. two-state plan.

Most of these concepts were listed in Obadiah Shohers book - Samson Blinded

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