June 7, 2011

Celebrate Israel 6-5-2011 Parade Photo's

The Arab protesters were unable to muster any real voice, except for the fact that were able to yell at
the children in the parade and call them murderers, and worse. The leaders of each group made sure to walk on the Arab side and protect the children. they also issued some choice words and gestures to the Arabs and their non Arab supporters including Neturei Karta psychos....

It was very festive and El Al passed out many flags. The weather was perfect and the NY crowd (uptown) was
slight on a Sunday...we stood on 5th and 59th in front of the apple building.

It was sad that Upstate NY was not represented in any way.
There were nearly 30,000 children in the parade and they had a ball!

They passed out T-Shirts and threw some candy to the kids in the crowd.
There were plenty of Hasids offering to lay Tefillin...I was approached at least 4 times with..
Have you put on Tefillin today?
Must have been the flags we carried, Eh?

It was an instant sense of a large community!
Great time for the three of us!


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