June 24, 2011

Israeli Goverment same as 1989...

Kahane writes the prior post - A BLOODY DAY IN JERUSALEM 1989.

He states how the problem with Israel is not the Arabs it is the Leftist Jews in power.
Has it changed? Supposedly the right wingers won the 2009 election...
Where is the evidence that Bibi is respecting the mandate that has him in power?
Speeches of all kinds from Bibi that sound strong and then...he endorses the final (2 state) solution...

When will the Jewish Country get a Jewish leader that will carry out the Torah and respect HaShem's wishes? When?

What will make the people take power ???

When is the Jewish Spring? 

Now remains the time....since 1948 it has been the time.
So I guess you would have to say:

Israel - attempting world acceptance since 1948...

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