January 1, 2014

World Running Out Of Terrorists

First Israel had to create PA to monitor their fifth column enemy with Arabs.

Why? Because they did not want the world to think they were policing Judea and Samaria on their own as some sort of occupier. The PA allowed them to create policy and then have the Arab's themselves carry it out.

Bad idea, it did not work. all they did was give credence and weapons to the enemy!

They allowed Arab / Muslim / Nazi's to run for the Knesset. Now 10% of the Knesset is   Arab / Muslim / Nazi's. The Fifth column has legal representation, how cute.

Bibi's IQ is supposed to be 180+, making him literally one of the smartest people in the world and yet....he still acts like a leftist politician. He does not stand up 100% for Israel only.

But in light of these, and other actions these US induced Terrorist releases can mean only one thing...

The World is Running Out Of Terrorists and the US said that the only way to keep the ME peace talks active is for Israel to still have an enemy. So they forced Israel to release more Terrorist Arab / Muslim / Nazi's into the wild to keep the charade going.

This makes sense because the US only wants to keep wars active and does not try to end them.......Until now.

Unless you have been brainwashed like the POTUS and his fellow crew of Arab / Muslim / Nazi's, it is clear that Israel is alone and that the US will not help her.

Israel needs to stand alone and be the light unto Nations ...if that what is needed for her security and ability to proceed towards the Moshiach. Prisoner release? What about the vitims families?

What about them?

Forget the Arab / Muslim / Nazi's, remember the Jewish Victims. The VICTIMS.
Who cares about the Terrorist Murderers? They should be dropped on their homes from Helicopters. It will serve 2 purposes, to remind people what happens to Murdering Terrorists and also it will mean that these Terrorists...will not kill again and that their victims families can take one tiny breath of relief.

Death Penalty for Arab / Muslim / Nazi' Terrorists in Israeli Prisons NOW.

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