January 15, 2014

Can Israel say ‘No’ to the US?

There are some things that are more important even than American goodwill. Survival, I dare say, is one of them.

 Amid reports that US Secretary of State John Kerry is applying mounting pressure on Israel to make significant concessions to the Palestinians, there is an increasingly common refrain that has seeped into our political dialogue which needs to be exposed for the fallacy that it is.

Israel, we are told by various pundits and politicians, has no choice but to go along with American demands.

After all, our relationship with Washington is our greatest strategic asset and we cannot allow anything to get in its way. Hence, whatever America wants, the Jewish state must more or less accept.

Needless to say, such an approach is not only short-sighted and misguided – it is oblivious to history and perilous to our destiny. And the sooner we expose it for the misleading oversimplification that it is, the better off we will all be.

To begin with, Israel is not a vassal state, an American overseas territory or a serf that must cower before his feudal overlord.

We are a sovereign independent nation with our own national and security interests, and while we must surely take into account what our friends and allies have to say, we cannot and must not lose sight of our right and obligation to determine our own fate.

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