January 15, 2014

Israel - Apply sovereignty today!

Professor Gil-White – from Mexico: Apply Sovereignty without Delay
During a visit yesterday (Thursday) in the area of Judea, Prof.
Gil-White (Mexico), one of the most prominent proponents of Israel and opponents of a Palestinian state, was shocked by the sight of signs forbidding Jews to pass into Area A and by the Arab takeover of Area C. “I will show the world the truth”, he promised.

A special visitor arrived yesterday (Thursday, January 9, 2014) to the area of Gush Etzion and Judea: Prof. Francisco Gil-White from Mexico, who came to tour in the area together with his wife and a personal friend.

The three were guests of Women in Green, who conduct tours for
dignitaries and groups in the area of Judea and Gush Etzion. The
movement conducts these tours in order to demonstrate to the guests, most of whom are from abroad, the continuing and relentless struggle to guard the lands of the state against the Arabs’ efforts to take over territory and establish facts on the ground illegally and without any real response from Israeli Authorities.

The visitor, Prof. Gil-White, is a professor of Anthropology and
Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. “Prof. Gil-White is not
Jewish”, says Women in Green, “he is a true friend of Israel and among all the deep and diversified research that he has published he also does research on the Arab-Israeli conflict. As a result of his
research on the subject he has arrived at the conclusion that the PLO is rooted in Nazism and the desire to destroy the State of Israel. Many times, Prof. Gil-White has publicly and strongly expressed his opposition to the Oslo Accords and to the establishment of a Palestinian state and he has expressed a clear call to Israel not to give up any of its land”.

Women in Green also notes that Gil-White’s stand, which he expresses without fear on every stage and before any audience, has earned him many enemies and nevertheless he holds fast to his resolute position and stands with Israel. “I am proud to be a defender of Israel”, he says on many occasions.

During the tour Gil-White visited Shdema in the eastern part of Gush Etzion, where he was given a broad review of the importance of the renewed Jewish settlement in the area, which maintains the contiguity between Jerusalem eastern Gush Etzion. Later he came to Netzer, which is west of Gush Etzion, the place where struggles vis a vis Arab trespassers over plantings have become a byword and a milestone in the persistent fight over the Jewish holdings in the area. In Netzer, Prof. Gil-white expressed his sense of identity with the Jewish struggle for the place by planting a tree.

In a number of points along the route of the tour, illegal Arab
building was shown to the guests, building that is nothing but an
inseparable part of the clear Palestinian policy whose goal is to take over the territories of Area C unilaterally, territories that are
defined to be under Israeli military and civil rule in the Oslo
Accords. The problem is not only illegal structures built by Arabs but also an Arab takeover of agricultural land, illegal quarries and other facilities, all funded by anti-Israeli organizations such as USAID.

Prof. Gil-White was shocked to see enormous red signs on the roadside, warning and forbidding Jews from entering Area A. The professor documented these scenes with his camera and promised to show the world the reality that was revealed to him. “They must see these things. No one speaks about it but there really is apartheid in Israel and it is against the Jews!”, said Gil-White.

The guest also took out his camera when he visited the large
communities in the area such as Efrat, and Kiryat Arba Hebron. He says that he intends to produce a public relations film clip from the
photographed material in which he will present his interlocutors and his audiences in the world “that what they call a “settlement” and what they imagine to be a shack with two goats is actually a
flourishing community, with real houses, schools, a commercial center and tens of thousands of Jews”. Prof. Gil-White also photographed the villas, palaces and luxurious buildings that the Arabs build right and  left all over the area in order to show the world that the claim that the Arabs are “poor and unfortunate” is totally unfounded. 

The heads of Women in Green end by telling about the final station of the professor’s tour – Hebron. “We finished the tour in Hebron where he became very emotional seeing the heart of hearts of the Jewish people, the place where it all began”.

Prof. Gil-White ended his visit with a call to the People of Israel to
apply Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria “today”, in his
words. “It is not enough to say that the two state solution is an
unrealistic idea. Sovereignty must be applied without delay, because with every day that passes the Arabs take over your land and soon the entire area surrounding your communities will no longer be in your hands”.

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