January 7, 2014

American Pressure on Israel: What Would Jabotinsky Do?


In the wake of continued American pressure on Israel, with John Kerry, the U.S. Secretary of State, scheduled to arrive in Israel this week for his 10th visit in 10 months, Israel debates what comes next.  

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has canceled a decision to announce this week that it is promoting building plans for 1,400 settlement apartments, and he has already released over 100 Palestinian Arab terrorists from Israeli prisons. Netanyahu faces intense American pressure to sacrifice and negotiate, endangering Israel, and his political future.
Undoubtedly, Netanyahu is strategizing and thinking and wondering what the best course of action for his people is.  Perhaps the answer comes from history.  His father, Benzion Netanyahu, was Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s secretary, and ideological heir. The elder Netanyahu was a lifelong follower of Jabotinsky – who had plenty of modern answers for today’s problems.

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