January 29, 2014

Israel: A Light Excluded From The Nations

The game is obvious. Whether it still exists due to parents simply passing down Anti-semitism (even when there are no Jews in their country) or because of copy cat haters.

There are so many clear signals that Israel is completely alone.
Many Countries pay lip service for economic reasons, but the truth is ...Israel is NOW alone.

Jonathan Pollard in jail.
The UN's constant Anti-Semitic resolutions.
Israel surrounded by Islamo/Nazi Countries.
Israel denigrated daily by the BBC and England ....the creators of the Land for Jews project.

All this means is that nothing the Isrealis/Jews do can really harm them and that it is far past time to :

Listen to Kahane and act upon his words.

Expel the Arab/Muslim/Nazi's completely from Israel and annex the rest of Biblical Israel.
When this is done and the fences are completed...the US and the world will be shut out.
The war will be over, with a clear winner and loser.

It will then be time for the US and the rest of the World to send the "refugees" back home to Jordan.

This is what I thought the track would be, I was at Sinai and want Israel taken care for G-d correctly.

The easiest and first step is to begin the Arab Expulsions from Israel herself. Then from Judea and Samaria. Then annex and clear out Gaza and annex.

The UN is outdated and should be withdrawn from.
To want Israel and need Israel means we are working for the Moshiach.
This the goal and to perfect the world for G-d.

The next issue....Iran

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