April 4, 2008

Sale of Hametz on Passover in Israel?

Jerusalem Municipal Affairs Court OKs Sale of Hametz on Passover

In the case of the State of Israel v. Terminal 21 and others, Judge Tamar Bar-Asher Tsaban cleared four businesses of wrongdoing for their sale of hametz over the Passover holiday last year. While the Hametz Law explicitly prohibits the display by "business owners" of specific leavened products "in public," Judge Tsaban ruled that "those places of business owned by the defendants - a grocery store, restaurants and a pizzeria – do not fall under the definition of a 'public' place." Therefore, according to the ruling, "their actions are not a violation" of the law.

I am confused, Is Israel Jewish? Does each individual government agency have the right to step over over Jewish Law? Does the public agree? Are there no public referendums in Israel, the alleged Democracy?

The problem is, for Israel to be considered the Jewish State, Israel must must observe some Jewish Law. That does not mean that all Torah law must be instituted...
When Israel stops being considered the Jewsih State, the Gentiles might decide that we have no right to the land....no matter how misguided they remain!

Freedom is the central theme of the Passover seder. It echoes and re-echoes throughout the Haggadah. But it is for the freedom of Jews, not Gentiles.
Nobody is saying that only Jews can live in Israel. What I am saying is that the Jewish Laws and customs or traditions need to prevail.

The freedom for Jews in Israel to not be confronted with what we are confronted with in the US because it is a Xtian country...

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