April 4, 2008

The American who spied for Israel.

By Avi

Jonathan Pollard - November 21, 1985

By instruction of Israel, Jonathan Jay Pollard and his wife Anne went to Israel's embassy in Washington, DC. They were admitted, and after several minutes asked to leave. They were then arrested by waiting FBI agents.

Jonathan Pollard was charged - conspiracy to commit espionage
Anne Pollard was accused of unauthorized possession of classified documents.

Anne was released after serving three years of a five-year sentence.
Jonathan - sentenced to life without parole and remains in a federal prison.

I have heard two conflicting opinions.

1) Of course as Jews we support Jonathan and understand they tried to make an example of a Jew who seemed to value Israel over the US.
The truth is that the information Jonathan passed to Israel was supposed to be given freely under an agreement signed by both countries. The Anti-Semite Casper Weinberger (I believe) put a block on this information EXCHANGE.

2) I have a non Jewish client who worked in Wash DC - Military and said the real reason Jonathan was being made an example of was that he released US secrets of style on covert actions and that these "styles" were used regularly and that the US
felt this put agents at risk.

Regardless of the truth, his case was handled like a banana republic would handle a case or even like perhaps... China. His conditions have been deplorable and he has been treated as a traitor who gave state secrets to an enemy.

The time is way past the normal 3-5 year sentence that any other convicted party would serve.

Free Jonathan Pollard NOW!



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