April 26, 2008

Hitler dolls for sale in Ukraine

Nazi leader's dolls made by toy manufacturer sold for $200 a piece at Kiev supermarkets

Ynetnews.com 04.26.08, 16:27 /

An Adolf Hitler doll has hit the shelves in Ukraine recently, and the toy manufacturer that produces it says that similar products may follow should the new doll prove to be a success.

The Hitler figurine features movable arms that enable it to reproduce the Nazi dictator's infamous salute, and consumers are able to choose from a variety of outfits, including "early days Adolf" and "wartime Adolf" (A grey double breasted tunic, black trousers and simple Iron Cross medal), the Daily Telegraph said.

The box containing the doll features Hitler's birth date and date of death. Even though officially the distribution of racist of fascist materials is illegal in Ukraine, the dolls have reportedly already been put up for sale in local supermarkets.

A representative for the toy manufacturer did not attribute any political significance to the doll, saying it's "like Barbie." She added that if the company sees high demand for the Hitler doll, it will continue to produce a whole series of toys inspired by the Third Reich.

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