April 23, 2008

It is very quiet in this Jewish Community...

Why are there no local debates or political discussion's about Israel.

Galut Jews were not taught the names of the PM's of Israel, not taught
the heroes of modern Israel.

Do we know the names of any of the political parties that make up the
Knesset. Do we understand the way the Knesset works?

Can we name 10 towns in Israel and locate them on a map?


We know about the history of this host Country, but not the crucial figures that
were behind the scene in the building of Israel.


Where is the social action group that decides what is good for Israel, without
concern for if it will increase AntiSemitism here?

Fellow members of the exile, do you think of Israel as a place of last resort?
Is that why we donate money?

Or is it to help our Brohters and Sisters who live in Israel and are fighting
the good fight, some of them every day.

What can we do? Who wants to bat it around?

email me Rudofsky222@gmail.com

I want to hear form YOU!

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