April 3, 2008

Pesach 5768

Passover this year - 2008, starts on the eve of Saturday, April 19, 2008.

How free are we in the Diaspora?
When do we realize that we are in exile?
From the time the US Jewish leadership turned their backs on the Shoah,
to the Jews in the USSR...Jewish leadership seems to be afraid to be Jewish.

They are scared that if the leadership speaks out, Jews will be persecuted...

Ask Shoah survivors, hidden children, offspring of thus if they believe a Shoah can happen in the US...

What do you think they say.
Those have assimilated put their Gentile friends ahead of Temple/Shul.
They believe they are off the hook. They don't realize that no matter what they do they are Jewish and will be judged accordingly.

Since they don't follow the Torah or interpret it so as to release them from guilt,
they probably also feel that when they do come for us...they will be spared like the German Jews thought before the Shoah...

This is Pesach....reconsider and make a fresh start ...one Mitzvah at a time!
Do it for you and do for your family!!

All the Best to everyone!!

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