September 20, 2011

Replace Bibi ...with ME!

After I am elected PM.....

Prime Minister Rudofsky promises to first move to Jerusalem.

And then to:

1) legislate the desires of the people.
2) Begin removing Arabs from Israel section by section.
3) Remove the PA
4) Put the head Rabbi of Jerusalem in charge of the Temple Mount.
5) Make Prof Paul Eidelberg Minister of Constitution.
6) Remove all benefits for any Arabs and take the allocations and give them to Shoah survivors.
7) Make Mass Transit safer and more plentiful and severely restrict vehicle use in the cities.
8) Create aggressive Aliyah programs to bring all Jews home.
9) Institute Jewish educations in Israel schools for all children.
10) Call a finance meeting and begin arrangements to sever the US guarantee program and morph it into
a mutually beneficial package (arms for technology etc.)
11) Begin construction projects for more housing.
11A) Put Fence up near Egypt.
12) Retake Gaza and begin to expel the Arabs home to Jordan and Lebanon.
13) Take care of the people from Gush Katif by giving them back their land and a $1,000,000 Shekels.
14) Change the legal system to allow the people to vote for judges and give them limited power.
15) Create a portfolio for the members of the Sanhedrin and some Jurisdiction.
16) Execute all terrorists in prison 50 at a time until Gilad Shalit is returned.
17) Make Rabbi Tovia Singer the official Temple Mount tour Guide and pay him handsomely!
18) Make Moshe Feiglin MK of Culture and education
19) Mandate all food in Israel to be Kosher.
20) Build Temple 3....and have University course created by The Temple Institute to maintain Beit HaMikdash.

21) Then we move on to Month Number 2!
22) Warn Iran that we are coming...and tell them how and when...and then don't
23) Warn Iran again....................and don't
24)  Create a written policy of how to respond to Terror and Terrorist's.
25)  Sell the Mediterranean oil rights and spend the money on a national energy program for non fossil fuels.

26)  More TBA........

Thanks for your support!!!

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