September 21, 2011

Israel’s Three No’s

Israel’s Three No’s
Bill Mehlman
There are no “occupied” territories.
There are no “disputed” territories.
There are no “unallocated” territories.
There is purely and simply Eretz Yisrael -- from the Hermon to the Red Sea, from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River.
While it constitutes a mere fraction of the historic Land of Israel, the “national home for the Jewish People” vouchsafed us under the Balfour Declaration, it is indisputably, unconditionally ours, by any interpretation of international law.
Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations of Jun, 1919 legalized the transfer of sovereignty over Palestine to the Jewish people by the Supreme Council of the Principal Allied Powers -- Great Britain, France, Italy and Japan.
The San Remo Peace Conference of April 1920 marked the official adoption of the Balfour Declaration by the Principal Allied Powers, confirming what constitutional lawyer and scholar Howard Grief has described as “the legal title of the Jewish People to the mandated territory of Palestine in all of its historical parts and dimensions … under international law.*”
The Franco-British Boundary Convention of December 1920 made it clear that those “historical parts and dimensions” included the Golan and Transjordan.
There is no mention of the words “Arab” or “Arab state” anywhere in the Mandate for Palestine entrusted to Great Britain by the San Remo Peace Conference. Indeed, that document is devoid of reference to the political or national rights of any community in Palestine other than those of the Jewish community.
The current attempt, 90 years after the fact, to impose a bogus ”Palestinian State” on the Jewish People within the borders of their national home is the most unmitigated contempt of international legal precedent in modern history.
To the supporters of this presumptive usurpation of our land an our rights in obeisance to the blood- lust of a jihadist Arab world , there can be only one national Jewish response: IT WILL NOT PASS!
*The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel Under International Law (Mazo Publishers, Jerusalem).

Bill Mehlman represents AFSI in Israel and is co-editor of the Jerusalem-based internet magazine ZionNet (

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