September 26, 2011

Obama’s Bizarre Gaffe: A Billionaire Should Pay Same Tax Rate As A JEW

The POTUS Anti-Semite.......

Obama's Gaffe


  1. You don't know "Jack Sheet" .... The way people "respond to Israel" does not make them an anti-Semite ...That's old worn out and discredited BS psychological blackmail that has been used for years use to intimidate people and silence silence them .... It works no more and those that use this crap can take it and ram it throught the grommet and wrap it around their tonsils..... Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about: I am dead set against affirmative action and everybody here knows it ....does that make me a racist? No! I have railed against those that call Blacks "negroes", railed against those that refer to our President in racially disparaging terms such as "Halfafrican", railed against those that berate our Black citizens while at the same time have stated they need to undergo a "cultural transformation" as pointed out by Bill Cosby. I still support the President and intend to vote for him .... So, you have no point!!! ... You're just one of those small people that cannot stand to hear inconvenient truths that run against your religious and/or political predilections ... That IS the bottom line, I and eveybody knows it so don't try that sheet again.

  2. Anon, When you respond to the Jewish State in a racist fashion...that makes you an Anti-Semite.
    Your rationalization for your own personal behavior is your concern.

    Posting Anonymous speaks for itself.... you simply don't exist and count for nothing. Keep up the great work that nobody will ever see.