March 23, 2008

We Salute Two True Heroes -

By Moshe Feiglin, Candidate For Prime Minister

When a Jew is killed in a car accident, it hurts.
If he is killed in war, it hurts even more and touches the entire nation.
But if he is murdered simply because he is a Jew, the pain is the greatest of all, because the insult to the honor of the nation of Israel adds its own, unbearable dimension to the personal and communal pain.

The massacre in the Merkaz HaRav Kook yeshiva is a horrible desecration of G-d's Name. The two heroes who killed the terrorist, Rabbi Yitzchak Dadon
and David Shapiro, made the desecration of G-d's Name slightly less
horrific when they killed the murderer.

For Rabbi Dadon, killing the terrorist was not enough. Every reporter with a microphone wanted to interview the hero of the latest terror attack. But Rabbi Dadon insisted on repeating that the pure, righteous yeshiva students were murdered
because of the evil stupidity of those Israeli politicians who have brought death into our homes.

True to form, the Ahashverosh media deleted Dadon from the story. Thus the importance
of the Likud initiative to honor him. The salute to Rabbi Dadon and David Shapiro took place at the Renaissance hotel in Jerusalem this Tuesday evening.

Rabbi Dadon humbly took the stage at the salute and described the chain of events on that horrible night to the hundreds sitting in the audience. It was obvious from his speech that he was trying to divert attention from his pivotal role in eliminating the murderer.

In his speech, Rabbi Dadon compared the current situation in Israel to the Purim story. He pointed out that Ahashverosh also wanted peace and quiet. He thought that by appeasing Haman, he would bring peace and security to his kingdom. But Haman was not a partner. He was a murderer, who sowed death and destruction wherever he went.

Rabbi Dadon's modestly spoken words could not hide his inner courage and proud, Jewish strength. It is no surprise that he was brave enough to assault the terrorist. With G-d's help, we will see more of him as a leader of the nation. The certificate of honor was symbolically presented to Rabbi Dadon by Mr. Eli Sheetrit, of the Likud Tegar fellowship, comprised of the fighters of the Etzel and Lechi pre-state undergrounds. Tens of Tegar members attended the salute, emphasizing the fact that Rabbi Dadon has continued the battle for the Jewish State where they left off.

I concluded the event by stating that the murder of Jews is not an irreversible fact of life. It is fostered by those who give the murderers weapons. They are responsible for the murders and for the terrible desecration of G-d's Name.

Olmert wants us to get used to the situation, as he suggested in Ashkelon - but we declare here and now that we will NOT get used to it! We will continue our struggle to establish Jewish leadership that cares about Jewish blood - leadership that
strikes all those who try to harm the Jewish People.

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