March 25, 2008

Purim Memories 5768

How was your Purim?
Did you go to a Purim 5768 Masquerade Party like I did?
Here I am the Court Jester of today's Galut!
The masquerade party took place at the JCC.

The party was called for 8:30 to 11PM. Gold and purple filled the room.
There was plenty of good Kosher food. Fruits and veggies were everywhere!
Each table was filled with Chocolates and mixed nuts.

There was endless beer, wine, coffee and tea to celebrate in Purim style!

A DJ pumped the music non-stop and there was plenty of good conversation flowing
as old friends reconnected, in some cases after many years!

There were many great costumes as it was a masquerade party!
Boas, Kings, Esther's, Vashti's, IDF Soldiers, Lions, Cowboys, Cowgirls, Court Jesters, Sages...

There were Rebbes everywhere! Even a pregnant one! Mazel Tov!

All in All, I have a feeling that we all counting the days til Purim Party 5769!

Tell us about your Purim Party!!

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