March 23, 2008

Israel's "Aid" to Jonathon Pollard

Moshe Feiglin and Shmuel Sackett plan to once again visit Jonathon Pollard on their upcoming trip to the US. This will be their fourth visit with the man who sacrificed his life to save the Jewish People and the State of Israel. Unfortunately, Israel continues to betray Pollard. Now the State actually claims that it has been giving aid to Pollard and his family. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The State of Israel has never given a shekel to Pollard. The following are excerpts from Pollard's attorney, Nitzana Darshan Leitner's letter to the State in which she attempts to bring the lies to the surface.

Monetary Aid
I request a clear and factual response to my query regarding your claims to have afforded my client monetary aid. In your previous reply, this question remained unanswered and seemed to have been deliberately blurred. I repeat my question: Have my client or his wife ever received monetary aid from the government of Israel? If your answer is negative, I request that you authorize in writing that during the 23 years that my client has been imprisoned in the US, neither he nor his wife have received any monetary aid from the government of Israel.

If your reply is positive, please clarify the following in a detailed and specific manner:
A. On what dates did my client or his wife receive monetary aid from the Israeli government?
B. What is the position and the title of the person or body that supply the above aid?
C. Do you have a written confirmation of the aforementioned aid and its receipt by my client and/or his wife?
D. To what financial institution was the monetary aid transferred?
E. If you cannot supply written documentation of this aid, I request a clear explanation as to how the government of Israel has managed to transfer monetary aid to my client, a prisoner in an American penitentiary.

Aid to Pollard Associates
Your offices have claimed that over the years, the Israeli government has "acted to aid Jonathon Pollard and his associates." I request that you clearly and specifically clarify the following:

A. According to what criteria did the government of Israel determine who is considered an "associate" eligible for aid?
B. What are the names and the positions of my client's "associates" who "received" the aforementioned aid and what is their association with my client?
C. What specific aid did my client's associates receive?
D. When and where did my client's associates receive the aid?
E. Please attach written documentation of the aforementioned aid.

Attorney Leitner's letter includes many more embarrassing questions for the government. Hopefully, her determined and thorough work will bring the sad truth to light.

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