March 13, 2015

US planes would be ready to take down any Israeli fighters - Gil Solomon

While I applaud Netanyahu’s address to the joint session of the US Congress, I admit I was a little disappointed by what was left unsaid.
In short, the Israeli PM missed a real opportunity to show the world the true intentions of this US administration.
He made no mention of Obama’s attempt to oust him in the upcoming Israeli elections by bringing into Israel a team of Obama supporters who hope that their propaganda efforts will bring in a new government which will be more to Obama’s liking. Foolish Israel for even allowing this lot to even step foot into the country and set up campaign headquarters in Tel Aviv. If it were up to me, they would have been handcuffed and deported on the first flight out of the country.
More importantly, we now have reports that in late 2014 Netanyahu was planning military action against Iran to take out the reactors. Netanyahu failed to mention that once Obama got wind of the planned strike (through a leak in Netanyahu’s own cabinet), this “President” threatened that US planes would be ready to take down any Israeli fighters that crossed into Iraqi air space to get to their Iranian targets.

Also Netanyahu made no mention of the embargo imposed by this administration on vital military hardware during the recent war with Hamas.
Nor was any mention made of the restriction on Israel doing what it does best, that is upgrading its fighter squadron. This administration has insisted that no upgrades be performed, thus ensuring that the Israeli fighters will have no qualitative edge to those fighter aircraft supplied to Saudi Arabia.

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