March 4, 2015

Bibi spoke. Now, Iran must be OUR focus!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a stirring speech today in which he laid out the threat Iran poses not just to Israel, but to the US and the entire world. He explained what he believes to be the path to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, and called the deal currently being formulated a "very bad deal." He stated that the alternative was not war, "but a better deal."

The Prime Minister said that the Western powers' emerging deal with Iran would all but guarantee that Tehran gets nuclear weapons, and that a deal as currently structured would include concessions that would leave Iran with a vast nuclear infrastructure. He also stated that Iran's breakout time would be only a year by US assessments and even shorter by Israeli assessments..

As Prime Minister Netanyahu pointed out, Iran threatens not only Israel, but the United States and the entire Western world.

The pictures above are just a tiny sample of the constant barrage of images that continue to pour forth from the Iranian regime, calling for the destruction of Israel and the US. It seems as if every other day, death chants from Iran fill the air.

So now that "The Speech" has been delivered and everyone has gone home, where do WE go from here; what can we do now?

- The pro-Israel community MUST be unified, energetic and must stay on point - Iran is THE issue.

- We must be ready, able and willing to take our message to the streets.

- We must demand that Iran's nuclear weapons program be abolished.

- We must demand that Obama keep Congress informed of the details of any impending deal with Iran.

- We must demand that Congress have a voice in determining the merits of the deal itself.

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