March 4, 2015

MK Moshe Feiglin: Get Ready for the Comeback

MK Moshe Feiglin: Get Ready for the Comeback

In a television interview Monday, MK Moshe Feiglin said that the upcoming elections in Israel are nothing more than a promo for the next elections. “Nobody knows what the elections  are about,” Feiglin told journalist Avery Gilad. “There is no discussion on the political scene about meaning and identity – two basic issues that Israeli society must face.”

Feiglin said that his new party, which is sitting out these elections, will put the issues of Israel’s identity and the meaning of Jewish life in Israel on the table. “The party’s name is Zehut, identity; Israeli and Jewish identity,” said Feiglin. “It is a movement that will make peace with the deep conflict between Israeli identity and Jewish identity. That peace is essential for Israel so that it can deal with the challenges it faces from within and without. The movement will focus less on foreign affairs and more on domestic issues. If we settle our internal problems, we will be able to solve our external problems. If we are in conflict with ourselves, we will certainly be in conflict with our neighbors. This party is not rightist or leftist, religious or secular. It will encompass Israelis of all walks of life,” Feiglin explained.

Answering whether he thought that he will remain politically relevant even though he is not running in these elections, Feiglin answered thatbecause the Zehut party will provide a true answer for Israel’s fundamental problems, people will remain interested. “Get ready for the comeback,” said Feiglin. “The time has come for our message, which incubated over the years, to stand on its own two feet. We are aiming for the top – to lead this nation.”

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