June 3, 2014

THE POOR JEWS March 28, 1980 - Meir Kahane

The poor Jews; poor, poor Jews.  How catastrophic to be beset by Jewish leaders who are so blind and so obtuse and so unwilling to see that which is so clear to all who would but look.  The hysteria and shock that is currently gripping the blind who lead the blind, and which causes us to hear such patent nonsense as “Carter has changed American policy,” is yet another indication of what empty vessels lead the poor American Jewish community down the eventual path of destruction.

When the impossibly gentilized American Jewish leaders babble in their hysteria that Carter has “changed U.S. policy,” the President and his Secretary of State and his U.N. Ambassador all heatedly denied it. AND THEY ARE RIGHT. When Carter speaks of Israeli illegal occupation of all the lands of 1967 including East Jerusalem, there is no change in U.S. policy.  There is an eminently consistent thread that has run through the United States view of the Arab-Israel conflict from the very end of the Six –Day War.   When a ludicrous rabbi-turned-politician gives his usually nonsensical Sabbath sermon and accuses Carter of “deceit” does the rabbi and do the American Jewish Congress leaders remember the U.S. Secretary of State William P. Rogers?  He was not Carter’s Secretary of State.  He was not even a Democrat.  He was Nixon’s man (the same Nixon that conservatives who urge Jews to vote for Reagan point to as having done so much for Israel.) It was Rogers and his employer Nixon who created the so-called “Rogers Plan” that called for total Israeli withdrawal and allowed for only minor, “insignificant changes.”

And do we remember the United States Ambassador to the United Nations on July 1, 1969?  His name was not McHenry, and so Ed Koch could not include him in the ridiculous “Gang of Five.”  His name was Charles Yost and he was not a Carter man.  He said the following, more than a decade before Carter’s supposed “change.”

The United States considers that the part of Jerusalem that came under the control of Israel in the June (1967) war, like other areas occupied by Israel, is occupied territory and hence subject to the provisions of international law governing the rights and obligations of an occupying power . . . . The occupier must maintain the occupied areas as intact and unaltered as possible without interfering with the customary life of the area . . . . I regret to say that the actions of Israel in the occupied portion of Jerusalem presents a different picture and the rights and the activities of the population are already being affected and altered.

Poor, poor Jews.  Led by the nose by dwarfs and clowns.  There is no change.  The policy has always been the same, only the names are different.  And the policy will remain the same when Carter is gone, and those who think that Reagan will be different because he says wonderful things are invited to spend a day reading some of Carter’s promises in 1967.

The problem is not Carter.  The problem is not Sadat.  The problem is the Jews.  He does not want to see the truth.  He prefers to deceive himself. Children love candy and the Jewish infant will yet die from overeating.  The Jewish leaders are the same who led us to destruction two generations ago.  They are gentilized creatures, ignorant of everything that has to do with the Jewish destiny.  They drag after them too many Orthodox practitioners of Jewish ritual.

We do not want to see what Rogers says, so we do not and then are rudely “shocked” by a Carter.  And we scream, ludicrously, about being “betrayed.”  It is not so much Carter who betrays us but the Jewish leaders who are captives of their fat, prestigious, comfortable life.  To speak of gentile betrayal is to open the doors of all kinds of awful possibilities such as anti-Semitism and Holocausts.  And since this is the last thing they want to hear, the Jewish leaders invent their own world.  They see what they want to see.  And they lead the poor Jew to hell, with them.

I wonder where the UJA delegates who booed me in Washington two weeks ago are today.  When I said:  “Do not trust Carter,” they squealed.  What are they saying today?  I know what they are saying.  They’re beginning the process of convincing themselves that Carter really did not mean it.  They are preparing to boo me the next time.  If the masses are asses, surely it is because the leaders ride them.

The problem is not Carter.  Did you expect anything more from him?  The problem is not Sadat.  The problem is the Jewish leaders in Israel and in America, who refuse to see that which is unpleasant.  It was the Israeli Ambassador, Ephraim Evron, who, four days before the U.N. vote, babbled to the UJA conference about the wonderful relationship with America.  It was Begin who turned Sadat into a man of “peace and courage.”  What right do we have to complain today about arms to Egypt?  Why the outcry about Carter’s betrayal?  It is not Carter or Sadat who betrayed us.  It is Jewish leadership.  For years I said it and was booed.  What is so sad is that – deep in the marrow of my bones- I know that there is nothing that I can do that will ever teach this people the truth.  For they do not WANT to learn.  And the hour is almost midnight and I see the destruction and I say: the poor Jews; poor Jews.

It is 2014 and ....no change 

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