June 30, 2014

Redemption Clock is Ticking....

It is almost hard to know what you want to happen these days.
What with the Redemption clock winding down. Redemption, Moshiach, War of Gog & Magog....
It is all coming....

9/11 Victory Mosque (Cordoba)
Iran is pushing towards Nuclear capability.
Iraq is US combat troop free?
Kuwait still hates us.
The house of Saudi- Wahhabism
Europe is slowly being over-run by Muslim hordes (Eurabia).
Africa is full of genocide and Muslims trying to escape to Eurabia and Israel.
Israel has a secular leader and remains a state of Jews...not the Jewish State!
South America had Chavez and the drug cartel.
Mexico remains a country of deserters and drug pushers.
Canada remains on guarded knee.
Germany is still a country (WTF)?
China, first they export their lead here through Waly-Mart, their destructive drywall and then they buy cars and become the 2 largest industrial country in the world.
Sara Palin was/is considered viable...with a 2 bit education and backwoods experience.
Obama has done zip. Unless you realize the negative force he is....
Biden will probably replace Hillary if her health fails to fend off the Republicans in 2016.
Alliance of Terrorists...Goodbye Abu Mazen...
The 3 kidnapped Israeli Teens...
Nederlands throwing banana's on the pitch because of a black  player (still Nazi's)
Greece - Golden Dawn in Parliment...
Jews expelled from African Union meeting
Jews attacked regularly in France
The usual children and grandchildren of Nazi's remaining Neo-Nazi's
The USA caring not about Israel probably mostly due to the POTUS
 The Muslim infiltration in the US and the POTUS's administration

And on and on.....

Have your passports in order, create liquid assets and always be prepared...


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