June 18, 2014

Awake and Arise! - Professor Paul Eidelberg

Let's ponder the names of Israeli prime ministers since the signing of the Oslo or Israel-PLO Agreement of September 1993:

Yitzhak Rabin

Shimon Peres

Binyamin Netanyahu

Ehud Barak

Ariel Sharon

Ehud Olmert

(And again, Binyamin Netanyahu)

What do these prime ministers have in common?

1) All are assimilated or inauthentic Jews.

2) All have religiously adhered to the Oslo Agreement despite its having been violated, again and again, by the PLO-Palestinian Authority.

3) All have therefore contributed to the undoing of what even non-religious observers have called the miracle of the Six-Day War—evidence of which is even contained (unwittingly) in Michael Oren's Six Days of War. Oren, who is not religious—indeed, he is a cultural relativist—was appointed by Mr. Netanyahu as Israel's ambassador to the United States. Ponder this brief summary of Oren's account of the first two days of the war:

On Day One, in little more than half an hour, the Israel Air Force destroyed 204 planes—half of Egypt’s air force—all but nine of them on the ground (while destroying six Egyptian air fields, four in Sinai and two in Egypt). “The Israelis were stunned. No one ever imagined that a single squadron could neutralize an entire air base” (175).

On Day Two, Col. Avraham Adan, watching the rout of the Egyptian army, was “stupefied.” “You ride past burnt-out vehicles and suddenly you see this immense army, too numerous to count, spread out over a vast area as far as your eyes can see … It was not a pleasant feeling, seeing that gigantic enemy and realizing that you’re only a single battalion of tanks” (216). Moshe Dayan was no less puzzled: “Though Israel had gained command of the skies, Egypt’s cities were not bombed, and the Egyptian armored units at the front could have fought even without air support” (ibid.). Gen. Avraham Yoffe: “There was no planning before the war about what the army would do beyond the al-’Arish-Jabal Libni axis, not even a discussion. Nobody believed that … the [Egyptian] collapse would be so swift” (ibid.).

4) Despite the enormous power of the IDF and its stunning victory in the Six-Day War, every Government of Israel since then has pursued a policy of territorial retreat, which means it has been appeasing Arab thugs—and this, regardless of which party in Israel has been at the helm.

5) The prime ministers mentioned above are conspicuous failures. None have displayed dauntless courage, let alone political wisdom and inspiring Jewish pride. All lack direction or clear cut Jewish national purpose. All behave like leftists! The deceased Rabin aside, all supported Labor's policy of "unilateral disengagement" from Gaza. This they did contrary to the Knesset testimony and warnings of Israel's highest defense and intelligence officers.

As for the people of Israel: recall that the vast majority rejected Labor's defeatist policy in the January 2003 election. Recall, too, that this election was effectively nullified when Likud Prime Minister Ariel Sharon adopted Labor's policy! The government subsequently betrayed the nation in October 2004, when the Knesset voted for disengagement—which it did even though 74 of its members had campaigned against that policy, which was never debated in public. What does the government's contempt for the public mean in regime terms?

6) It means—but no one dares say—that Israel's Government is, in reality, a democratically elected dictatorship! This dictatorship results from the fact—virtually unheard of in every democracy—that members of parliament are not individually accountable to the voters in constituency elections. It was precisely this systemic fact that enabled 23 of the 38 Likud MKs to vote for disengagement with impunity! The system facilitates political treachery.

7) Does it not cry to heaven that Netanyahu could endorse a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria without parliamentary and public debate? Doesn't this suggest he will persist in the pusillanimous policy of appeasement, of territorial retreat, of dishonesty vis-a-vis the despotic Palestinian Authority? Awake oh Jews: you are closer than ever to losing your heartland to your implacable and Janus-faced enemies: Where is common sense? Where is resistance and outrage? The SYSTEM and its spineless leaders have demoralized and disempowered you!

8) I conclude from the above considerations, reinforced by more than thirty years of observing the inane and ignoble behavior of Israeli prime ministers and their self-serving system of multiparty coalition government that the State of Israel must perish for Israel to survive!

9) Israel will continue to decline so long as it continues to elect inauthentic Jewish prime ministers—and this is not a call for conventional religious leaders.

10) Indeed, I blame the religious leaders for failing to initiate a movement to reform Israel's decadent political culture, which can the more readily be done because a large majority of the people of Israel, despite a left-wing dominate media, have always been more right-minded as well as more faithful to the Jewish heritage than Israel's smug and faint-hearted governments.

Sooner or later the Jewish People will scrap their decrepit State and restore the name of Israel. What a blessing this would be to our patriotic friends in the United States who are seeking to restore the name of America! May the New Year bless these two nations and redeem for each its noble heritage.

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