January 4, 2013

Worldwide Jewish lobby against Jews

The famed Jewish lobby is pathetic. Only anti-Semites can be fooled by the myth of Jewish influence. There is none. Where were those elders of Zion when Russians and Ukrainians slaughtered the Jews in 1905, and from 1917 to 22? Where were they when all the countries closed their doors to Jewish refugees from Germany and Austria? With all the Jewish clout in America, couldn’t they’ve opened the gates there? Not even to the third world? And when the Germans asked for a mere 10,000 trucks in exchange for a million Jews, how comes all those mega-rich Jews couldn’t collect the necessary amount?
In Israeli history, the international Jewish lobby achieved nothing. The US supported Israel to check Soviet expansion in the Middle East; no lobbying was necessary. On the really important issues, such as American support for annexing Sinai or the West Bank, the Jewish lobby has failed. They couldn’t convince the US Administration to recognize the annexation of the Golan Heights from the terrorist state of Syria. Not even the US Embassy has been moved to Jerusalem; the US Administration refuses to recognize this city as Jewish.

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